Examples of Spices

 Peppers are excellent to grind in any or our Kitchen Spice grinders, getting a perfect consistancy of the size of the flakes

loading the Kitchen Spice Grinder is easy, put the top on and a few twists and......

instant grinded peppers YUM!


Look at that wonderfull consistancy

There are so many spices you can Grind with our Kitchen Spice Grinders, from all sorts of Dried peppers, Coffee Beans, All sorts of Nuts and seeds,Eucalyptus Leaves, INDIAN SPICES, SESAME SEEDS, GROUNDNUTS, NIGER SEEDS, MILLETS. DEHYDRATED ONIONS, BUTTON MUSHROOMS, and there are so many others to list, use our contact page to ask us about specific spices and what consistancy you will get with each grinder...

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